The Tower

Role: Game Designer
June 2016 - October 2016
Moutain Walrus was a student start-up put together to compete in the UK Games Fun initiative, Tranzfuser.

We eventually won this initiative, and the funding which came with it, for our room-scale VR adventure game, The Tower:

As the only full-time designer on the project, my responsiblities included:
  • Researching and learning about the quirks, opportunities, and limitations of developing within virtual reality, and then attempting to design mechanics and systems which worked alongside those challenges.
  • Testing the product with a critical eye and helping to brainstorm solutions to emerging problems.
  • Designing spaces and interactions which work within a virtual reality environment.
  • Whiteboxing level spaces within Maya/Unity.
  • Creating floorplans for level layouts.
  • Creating systems which create and maintain presence (sound, haptics, etc.).
After completion the project was showcased at Dare Protoplay and EGX 2016.